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Does botox get rid of dark circles under eyes?

Can receive botox help people to reduce dark circles under eyes? How?
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  • Angelica christian


    Yes, the botox can help people reduce the dark circles under eyes because of the increasing protein. A lot of women now use the botox injection to make their skin become smooth and look beautiful. Your dark circles under the eyes could also be treated with good rest, good sleep, enough water intake and so on. You just find ways to treat it.
  • Samuel hill


    Yes, receiving botox can reduce dark circles under eyes. Because botox is a great product and it is a naturally-occurring muscle relaxant, which can make your muscle relaxed. Also it has lots of purified protein called Botulinum toxin A, which can be very helpful. By using it you can get a soft, relaxed, more youthful skin under your eyes. And your dark circles under eyes will disappear.