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Can you correct lazy eye at 21 years of age?

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  • 04/13/2012

    If you have a lazy eye,the younger you are, the more successful the treatment is.Some doctor say that lazy eye can only be treated till 16 years of age.So you should treat them as early as possible.Now you must go to see doctor.
  • Justin williams


    It is said that lazy eyes can only be cured if the patients are young. But I heard that some doctors claim that they have helped many people including children and adults to correct their lazy eyes. So I suggest you to consult a professional immediately. Maybe it is not too late to seek surgery for lazy eyes. Good luck!
  • Anna


    With the development of technology, we can cure many kinds of diseases. I think lazy eyes can be cured nowadays though I am not a professor in this field. In my hometown, there are many hospitals. But some of them are professional in a specific field. So the first thing is to find the right hospital. I hope you can find some way to cure your problems. Good luck!
  • cook


    Lazy eyes can be cured though you are 21 years old. We must know that we can retrain our brain. The developmental optometrists can make two eyes to work as a team. The first thing you need to do is to have a functional vision test, this will help determine the extent of your vision problem. Then, you need to find the right lens or glasses. The right prescription at this time can restraint the stronger eye to bully the weaker eye. Meantime, you need to take serious visual activities. I suggest you to look for patching and vision therapy. Consult more information from your eye doctor immediately. Good luck!