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what type of glasses lens reduce eye strain ?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Now a special reading glasses called computer glasses appear on the market,which can give significant relief to computer eye strain headaches.If you are suffering Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or your eyes always feel tired when seeing something for a long time,computer glasses can be a good choice
  • Ryan


    It is said that gunnar glasses can minimize eye fatigue and visual stress. You can find this information on their website. Besides, the website claims that this kind of glasses protect vision by filtering out artificial light and relaxes your eyes, so you can get tired slower. It also claimed that this kind of glasses can prevent dryness. But I haven't tried that kind of glasses. And I doubt about that. So I can't share personal experiences with you.
  • garcia


    I know computer glasses can help reduce eye strain. I am a computer worker. I have a pair of computer glasses. Compared with the time that I hadn't bought the computer glasses, Now I suffer from less eye strain. I often squeeze my eyes to see the letters on computer screen or I feel dizzy after I put on my prescription glasses for a while. Later my eye doctor suggested me to buy a pair of computer glasses. She also told me that computer glasses can filter glare and block reflections from computer screens. They were designed to help people see things at a fixed distance clearly. So they could help reduce eye strain. Hope this helped!
  • Paige williams


    Why not take a break when you feel tired? I think the best way to reduce eye strain is to buy a pair of prescription glasses if you have any vision problems, because glasses can help your eyes see clearly so you won't need to squeeze your eyes and this will reduce eye strain. Besides, have a rest during your work is very important for your eyes. The eye muscles will strained if you work for a long time, so you need to do some exercise or see the things in the distance for a few minutes to relax them. You will find that this kind of activity can refresh your mind as well as reduce eye strain. Good luck!