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Eye disease leads to other health issues?

Someone i use to know got hit in the eye during basketball and apparently his contacts fell out of his eye and he put them back in his eye. I later heard that he got an eye disease and is almost blind. 2 years after hering nothing from him, i see him at school and he has rlly long hair and a huge beard and he wore sunglasses every where. AFter talking to him he had told me that he had an eye diseasse and also two types of cancer and many other health issues. How could him getting hit in the eye and developing an eye disease eventually lead up to all of these other health issues?
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  • handyhands


    Well, I think eye disease will not lead to other health issues. You can find the causes for many eye diseases. Too much exposure to sunlight will lead to cataract or macular degeneration when we get older. If we protect our eyes in daily lives, we may avoid catching these eye diseases. But some diseases are caused by gene or infections, so the most important thing is to find out what causes the disease and treat them seriously. As to the person who put the dirty contacts back to his eyes, I think he is totally wrong, because he may get some sand and bacteria into his eyes. And this will lead to an eye infection. If he didn't treat the infection seriously, he may suffer from blindness. But as to other health problems he gets, it could be an accident. They just happens when he get the infection, but there isn't any relationship between these two things. Hope you can understand.
  • cristoph


    I don't know whether eye disease will lead to other health issues or not. But I know that cancer cells will move to other parts of our body that will lead to more health issues. If you are a contact user, you must pay attention to eye hygiene because contacts are put into our eyes directly and any small infections will make our eyes suffer a lot. I think the person shouldn't put the dirty contacts directly into his eyes though he needs to go on playing basketball, because dirty contacts can do great damage to our eyes. If the situation goes worse, the person may suffer from blindness.
  • Joshua arnold


    Contacts will not get out of our eyes by themselves. He must choose the wrong contacts. the size of his contacts might be bigger than his eyeballs. Contacts are totally different from glasses which will drop to the ground when we are doing intense exercise. We can use contacts when we are playing basketball or football. I know that an eye infection may lead to blindness if we don't treat with it seriously. But I don't know whether an eye infection will lead to more serious health problems such as cancer. Maybe it is just a coincidence.
  • Cameron


    From what you say I can see that this guy doesn't pay attention to eye health. Maybe he also doesn't pay attention to his health in daily lives. We know that nowadays we may get many diseases if we don't take care of ourselves. And many bad habits will definitely lead to health issues. If he is a heavy smoker or drinker, or something else, you know, the bad kind, he may catch a serious disease. So I think living habit also plays an important part in keeping a healthy body.