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what are the best eye excercises to do?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Eye exercises helps to reduce eye strain, and tension..Some people do eye excercises to improve their vision..Move your eyes up and down for several seconds.Then move your eyes to the left and then to the right for several times.Finally roll your eyes first clockwise, then counterclockwise. After that,close your eyes and rest.
  • 04/13/2012

    It is normal not to get used to the new glasses for the first few weeks.But after you constantly wear them,you will get used to them in the following time.If you can’t get used to them for a long time,maybe your prescription is not suitable for you and you must go to the optician to check out.
  • b1ggy_13


    It seems that you are going to protect your eyes and give your eyes a chance to relax them .So, as a matter of fact, the best way of relaxing your eyes is outdoor activities, such as looking beyond the horizon or the forest. Sometimes a lot of eye exercises actually provide no benefits to your eyes. And maybe tea bags could help with them. And rest is also a good means of exercises.
  • Robert Johnson


    I found this for you. You can have a look at There are clear procedures for you to follow. Besides, there are pictures that can guide your exercise. Hope this can be useful!
  • enigma_g


    There are five exercises to improve your vision. You can have a look at Most of these eye exercises are very easy and we can do it when we are free. They are blinking, palming, move your eyeballs, near and far focusing, zooming. Hope this helped!