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Do cole haan sunglasses have uv protection?

Is there anyone who has bought cole haan sunglasses? Does it provide UV protection for eyes? Are they comfortable to wear?
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  • emmie18


    Well, yes, Cole Haan sunglasses are UV protected. And they are distinctive with maximum UV protection. Also, they are famous for their high abrasion resistance and optical quality frames. And you also can find more information in the internet. For example, you can link to They come in popular sunglass shape collections. For the prices, it has Cole Haan sunglasses for a bit of luxury without the high price. For example, it will cost about 140 dollars to get one pair. But they have discounts that you can not miss them. anyway, just go and pick one.
  • Christian scott


    Well, as far as I know, Cole Haan is an American brand founded in 1928 and is now affiliated to Nike Inc. So, they are currently making a wide range of products, including sunglasses. And actually, many of Cole Haan sunglasses have UV protection, if you really doubt, you could give the sunglasses an exam that could tell its UV protection ability. Of course they are comfortable to wear, give you more visual satisfaction and protection.
  • Noah rupert


    Yes, the cole haan sunglasses are protective which will prevent your eyes from getting the uv. About this function, they are perfect. They are comfortable to wear because of the frame design. In addition, their designs are so fashionable which will make you stand at the front line of the fashion. You could make it as the choice.