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Do urban outfitters sunglasses have uv protection?

I just wonder if all urban outfitters sunglasses have uv protection? Are they really protective?
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  • Adam


    Well, it seems that you liike sunglasses very much. So, as far as I know, it is an American brand .And generally speaking, all types of sunglasses provide UV protection functions because that is quite basic. With their special lenses, our eyes could be protected to some extent, but I should tell you that polarized sunglasses seem to be better in protecting our eyes from the harmful lights.
  • Eric quick


    Yes, all urban outfitters sunglasses have uv protection. They are really protective for your eyes from the uv and other bad sun lights. When you go outside, especially going to beach or other places with strong sun lights, you'd better wear a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes. At the same time, the urban outfitters sunglasses are the good choices.
  • David garcia


    Well, of course, urban outfitters sunglasses are UV protected and they have high UV protection. So when you go outside and have some sport activities, they are very helpful for you to protect you from the UV rays and the bright sunlight. So you may have a try. And also, you can just go and link to the website below. . in this place, you can find many different kinds of urban outfitters sunglasses. And can just pick one pair you like.

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