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Aaron may


Do topshop sunglasses have uv protection?

Have you worn topshop sunglasses? Does it provide your good UV protection to eyes?
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    Well, as far as I can see, Topshop is a British brand making a wide variety of products counting sunglasses. So, since sunglasses are originally designed to protect our eyes, not to make us appear cool, thus nearly all sunglasses have UV protection, but the protection ability is different from one another. You can see the protection lable on the sunglasses.
  • Susan Wright


    One of my friends bought a pair of sunglasses in topshop last summer,she said the sunglasses can provide her very good protection to her eyes.Besides that,she said topshop offers a very good after sale service which makes she fell in love with it,then she became a loyal customer. She can send her sunglasses back every time when it needs to be maintained. In addition,topshop's sunglasses are very stylish and they won't be out of date very soon.
  • Ariana


    My friend has bought the topshop sunglasses recently. It provides you the good uv protection to the eyes. When you go out, you should choose such type of sunglasses to help your eyes get avoid of the uv and other bad sun lights. In addition, the design of such type of sunglasses is cool which will make you look good.