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How long does it take for eye laser surgery to heal?

I plan to take a laser surgery. But i just want to know how long does it take after to heal after the surgery?
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  • Christopher dale


    Laser surgery is very normal and common refractive surgery used to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. However there are several kinds of laser surgeries nowadays, different surgery requires different recovery period. PRK surgery is the original laser surgery. During PRK surgery, the surgeon will remove the whole epithelial layer of cornea, which makes its recovery period rather longer than other type of laser surgeries. Because there is no blood vessels on cornea but just millions of nerve ends, so it heals very slow and it is easier to get infection and haziness because of the wound, but it reduces the risk of complication. It takes circa 6 months to healed up averagely. While the lasik surgery, which is more popular and common today, requires a much shorter recovery period, because in Lasik surgery, the surgeon won’t wipe off the outer layer of cornea but create a flap to access the treatment area. However because of the created flap, it increases risk of infection and complication. Usually one week after a Lasik surgery, the patient can restore most vision.
  • cun_yin


    You will find the enhancing of your vision just after the end of the surgery. You can use your eyes as before in the second day. The stable period of vision is about one month, and the recovery period is from three months to half years. Please be careful to wash your face and head, avoid the dirty water get into your eyes; keep away from the make up and do not rub your eyes to prevent from trauma. Wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes outside and you would better not to drive the car for several months. The spicy food and wine not the enjoyable staff during these periods. Keep away from some sports such as swimming. After half years later, your eyes will be the same with the normal people.
  • charlene1o2


    It may usually take you about one week to get the basic recovery after the laser surgery. Then you may get the general recovery after one month. If you want to do exercise, you may need to wait after three months. You need to protect the eyes carefully, not smoking or drinking. You could also eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.