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Are thick rimmed glasses in style in 2012 fall?

I am about to buy new glasses and i prefer thick rimmed glasses. Are they trendy in 2012? Where can i find some at cheap prices?
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  • charming_qtee


    Thick rimmed glasses you talked about are also known as black nerd glasses. They are very fashionable and hot in 2012. Not only normal people like the style, many superstars like them too. This kind of glasses seems to have magic. When people wear them, he or she can catch a lot of attentions in the street. Besides, thick rimmed glasses can make your face look smaller and more beautiful. They have become the best accessory of fashion for people who want to flatter their face without long time makeup. If you want to buy them with a cheap price, you can find satisfactory thick rimmed glasses online store.
  • Fat


    It is true that thick rimmed glasses are quite popular in 2012, and they will continue to be hot and do not go out of style. Thick rimmed glasses will help you keep up with the latest fashion trend. Speaking of places to go for thick rimmed glasses, you can go online eyeglass stores that are reliable and sell various thick rimmed glasses at very cheap prices. Here the good news that you can get free thick rimmed glasses from some online eyeglass stores that are offering free glasses to new customers. Check this out