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What food will cause high eye pressure?

I heard some food can cause people to have pain or pressure in their eyes. My uncle has high eye pressure and what food should i pay attention to? And what food are helpful to reduce high eye pressure?
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  • misty C.


    You shall not smoking, drinking alcohol or drinking tea or coffee too much because they are likely cause high eye pressure. Besides, try not to eat or eat chili, raw onions, pepper and other spicy food, proper control of water intake. When drinking water, it should be not exceed 300ml in order to avoid a large number of water absorbed into the bloodstream in a short period of time, increasing aqueous humor, causing increased intraocular pressure.
  • croatiadiary


    The common symptoms of high eye pressure contain headache with nausea and vomit, the risk of glaucoma, etc. If your catch the high eye pressure, you may have pain in eye and the vision will decrease slowly. In general, people with high eye pressure are suggested that quit smoking, drinking wine and strong tea and spicy foods. Meanwhile, you should control water intake and never more than 300ml in order to a lot of water being absorbed in the short time by the blood, which may lead to high eye pressure and eye pain. Of course, here have some tips you may pay attention to: First, you can exercise your eyes regularly. Second, Vitamin B is helpful to your eye. Third, you can eat some fresh vegetables like laminaria japonica, wax gourd and black soybean, etc. Among them, honey can not only help decline the high eye pressure but also relax the bowels. Last but not least, you can drop some anti-inflammatory eye drops.
  • Trinity rose


    Most of the food and nutrients couldn't raise and lower the eye pressure, but the liquid intakes may influence it. The eye pressure would be affected by an excess quantity of caffeine once during a short period, it would result in high eye pressure. Some food and drinks contain caffeine, which mainly are coffee, chocolate and some energy drinks. So, you shall reduce these food. In general, the water is helpful for people's health. However, drinking a quart and more water once during 20 minutes would increase your eye pressure as well.
  • b2jb


    According to experts' assay, sweet food can cause the high eye pressure which will lead to the myopic eye. Because the metabolism of sugars need amount of vitamin B1 which is important for human's eyes, so, if we want good eye health, we need avoid eating too much sweet food. Garlic is a good condiment for cooking and it is helpful for some diseases. But if we eat too much of it in a long term that can bring some harmful reactions especially for the patients with visual function. The patients with visual function can not eat garlic, green onion, and ginger etc during the treatment.