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Melissa duncan


What is good natural ways to reduce high eye pressure?

My grandfather has high eye pressure and i am looking for natural ways that can help reduce his high eye pressure? Any idea?
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  • walkinginstars


    The high eye pressure could lead to glaucoma, the risk of getting glaucoma would be increase with aging, especially people who are elder than 40. However, the high eye pressure doesn't mean that you have an eye disease. It would damage eyes if the high eye pressure is kept for a long period. You can decrease the eye pressure naturally in daily life without eat medicine. Firstly, you should release your pressure that influences your eye muscle as well. Maybe you can take a short break to excise your eyes after working for a long period. And you should plan a balanced diet with enough fresh vegetables and fruit. As we all known, there are some vitamin that are good for our eye health, like vitamin C, vitamin E and lutein. These nutrition can be easy found in vegetables and fruit.
  • eddy


    It is very risks the eyes if your grandfather got high eye pressure. Here are some natural ways hope can help him reduce eye pressure. First, You shall make him stay hydrated. It will help him reduce eye pressure if he keep drinking small amounts of water. Seconds, People with high stress can also in risks of high eye pressure. So, you shall try to lower his stress level. Third, caffeine is also an important factor to high eye pressure. That is too say, you need ask him reduce caffeine consumption. Fourth, to keep eye health with lower eye pressure, doing eye exercise is also a good way.