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Faith fergus


Do white backgrounds hurt your eyes?

How do you think of white backgrounds? Is it bad for eyes? Or what is the best color of background?
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  • explosion_x3


    The intensity of white backgrounds is greater and can do harm to the eyes. If you fix your eyes on things on a white background for a long time, you can feel your eyes distending pain, then you need to drip some eye drops to relieve the discomfort. You can use some warm color backgrounds. Light green or blue background is ok. But it is totally up to you. As long as you feel it comfortable, then it is fine.
  • Alexa murphy


    From generally speaking, besides the hurts of ultraviolet and blue light, other colors will basically nothing serious to your eyes. The anti-myopia function from colors is not such important, but the important factors are the stabilized light source and if the light is bright. So the environment will play an important role to your eyes. However, the yellow and green will protect your eyes as it is the natural original colors, and it could relief the fatigue of eyes in certain extents. The red color will be incentive and stimulative to the emotion and nerves, so we are not suggest you to use. Above all, we recommend the light green to you as the backgrounds.


    The white backgrounds will not be beneficial for the eyes which will be bad for the eyes. As we know, the white plate has the strongest reflective role. Whether natural light or classroom fluorescent lamp opens, white light reflected to the children's eyes will aggravate the fatigue which will be severe. The black background will be the most benefit of the eyes to read.

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