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Can i get a black eye from hitting the back of your head?

A ball just hit my back of my head. But i see a black eye in mirror. What's wrong with me? Can i get a black eye from hitting the back of your head?
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  • Bernice


    Well, yes, in some degree, it can cause black eyes. But on the other hand, you should know that it is just a kind of possibility, for it all depends if your head are hit by the bones and how hard the slap was. So if have been slapped very heavily, it is likely to have a black eyes. But from your description, the hit has caused the black eyes. There are some ways you can have a try to treat your black eyes. First, you should know that a black eye is the result of bleeding underneath the skin around your eye. So you can put on ice on your eyes so that it can cool them. And remember that you should do this for several times. And, you need to be very careful when icing your black eye. The area around your eye is very, very sensitive, and it's already been infected by some other irritants. And also, you can try to use a medical ice bag with a thick rubber casing or wrap the bag of ice in a cloth. Of course, avoiding the water getting into your eyes is also important. Anyway, just have a good rest.
  • Sara


    Yes, it could happen. The most safty way to do is to see a doctor, because black eyes caused by a head injury should have x-rays immediately to exclude a basal skull fracture. You don't need to worry about it. If you do according to the docto r, you will be fine.
  • chriso1984


    Well, it seems that you had real bad luck recently. So, as far as I know, been hit in the back of the head would simply not give rise to black eyes. Perhaps it is because you were painful and had a lack of sleep. It is not necessary for you to worry too much about it. Maybe you just need some time to rest and recover from the headache and black eyes. But if things remain bad, go to see a doctor.