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Is essential oils good for dark circles under eyes?

I have dark circles about one year. I heard that essential oil can help the dark circles. Is that true?
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  • Christina nelson


    Yes, of course, essential oils can do a good job to your dark circles. For example, you can use sesame oil, which can help you to reduce the dark circles under your eyes. First, you should know that sesame oil contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamin e which are good for the dark circles under eyes. So you can have some Moisturizers containing sesame, avocado oil, Vitamin E and K, so that it can lessen the appearance of dark circles. Also, black seed oil, fish oil is also effective. So you can have a try. Besides, to reduce the dark circles under your eyes, there are also some other ways you can do. For example, you should stay away from the stress. As we know that Stress is also contributory to having these dark circles under eyes as well as to other health issues. In addition, you can just put some cool cucumbers on your eyes, and it can also relieve your symptom.


    Yes, essential oil is good for your eyes and can also help to reduce dark circles and eye bags under your eyes. As we all known, a cosmetic product helps repair the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. So it is believable that essential oil can do help to reduce the dark circles.
  • J Bell


    Well, it is true that some kinds of essential oils are good for dark circles under eyes. Because some plants are riches in some vitamins beneficial to our eyes, such as vitamin A and vitamin C. So, it would be wise for us to put some essential oil on the circles. However, it would be much more effective if you get adequate sleep on the basis of those oils.

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