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Adam peters


What are good facial exercises for dark circles under eyes?

I heard that there are some facial exercises that can help reduce the dark circles under eyes. Can you tell me what are good facial exercises for dark circles?
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  • croatiadiary


    Yes, it is true that some facial exercises are able to relieve the dark circles under our eyes, this is because our blood circulation would be accelerated by doing those facial exercises. Generally speaking, it may find some useful eye exercises on the Internet. Plus, you need to get some hot water and a towel , then put the towel on the face, this could also help you out of your trouble.
  • evelyn


    Yes, what you heard is right. Some facial exercises can reduce the dark circles under eyes.You can do these several facial exercises as follows. One, close your eyes tightly for five seconds, then open them again for five seconds, then close them again, etc, for seven or eight times in total. Two, make cupped palms. Put your palms on the eyes and rub together with your hand until your eyes get warm. Another exercise, make your eyes slowly rolled clockwise, then rolled counter-clockwise. At the same time, keep blinking your eyes. The sequence is again repeated five times. These are just some of the exercises, just have a try!
  • Catherine


    Facial exercises help reduce the dark circles under your eyes as they regulate your facial muscles. I would like to recommend two simple movements to you: 1.Tapping face ,which promotes the circulation of your blood under eyes 2.Massaging ears, which can make your face glow, thus reduce the dark circle of eyes.