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Which kind of group is suitable for bifocal lenses?

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  • Slopoo


    It is more suitable for the elderly to wear bifocal lenses. As people grow older, their natural lenses have been aging or may not be shaped properly, which can make vision blurry or distorted. So they need to wear two pairs for different distances, and the use ofbifocal lenses can solve these problems.
  • Joueer


    A pair of bifocal glasses can meet the needs of seeing far and near, and they are suitable for people who have presbyopia but are not willing to change their glasses frequently due to the distance between objects, generally aged over 65.
  • Koiure


    Bifocal lenses are suitable for those who need vision correction. They can also be worn by students or the elderly. In particular, the elderly with presbyopia, they do not need frequent replacement of glasses, it will be more convenient.