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Will the myopia with high degree heredity next generation?

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  • Zikbij


    There are many reasons why people get short-sighted. Myopia is possibie to heredity next generation, but from medicine sight, it still does not have clear evidence to show that myopia with high drgree heredity next generation.
  • Oiuter


    From the medical field, patients with high myopia are more likely to heredity their next generation, which is due to the recessive human body dyeing genetic diseases. If one parent develops high myopia, it will certainly increase the risk of myopia in the next generation.
  • Qoiksd


    Although there are many causes of myopia, genetic factors play an important role. If your family has a history of congenital myopia, it will inevitably be inherited. But whether acquired pathological myopia can be inherited remains to be verified.