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What is the main symptom of presbyopia?

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  • Bojldae


    For people with presbyopia, they have high requirements for the reading environment, such as they prefer to use bright lights at night for reading. I recommend applying a hot towel on your eyes before going to bed. It will improve blood circulation around the eyes and relieve eye strain.
  • Niojds


    Patients may unconsciously tilt their head back or hold the book or newspaper farther away before they can read the words clearly. Some patients will even appear eye distension, tears, headache, itching, visual fatigue and other symptoms.
  • Alopou


    Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon, not a pathological condition or a refractive error. It's one of the signs that the body is starting to age. Patients will gradually find that they cannot read small fonts clearly at the usual working distance and can see them clearly at a distance.