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Why do people wear goggles at raves ?

I saw many people wear goggles at raves. Why? Is it for looks?
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  • california_babi


    Yes, one of the functions of goggles wearing is for fun and cool making. It is actually one of the factor of cosmetic or cosplay. A brand goggle is the representation of social statues symbol. If they wear goggles, it will be more difficult for their friends to recognize them; it would bring some mythical mood to the raves. The other function of goggle wearing is to protect eyes under dazzling ray and lights in the party. It may become a fashion trend within young people who love play.
  • Susie Washington


    Ok, it seems that you are quite interested in that phenomenon. Ok, it is true that for most people, on raves, a pair of goggles or sunglasses or some crazy contact lenses could make them appear more attractive and different from what they used to be, which is quite festive. And that raves could be more interesting don't you think? Of course that is for looks, nobody wears goggles for visual aids.
  • waldron143


    Most of people do that just to follow the trend. People wear goggles at raves to avoid the strong light and the fireworks. Then they can be safe form the radiation. And most of the people with eye problem like to wear goggles. People can be supper high at raves, in order to keep themselves save in that crowd and chaotic venue. I find that's okay to wear goggles at raves because that's safe and cool.

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