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David garcia


Does blepharitis go away on its own ?

I suffer blepharitis. How can i treat it? Or it will go away itself?
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  • consilium_capit


    Well, it can disappear in some cases, but on the other hand, you also need to try some ways to relieve the symptoms. Generally speaking, Blephariti is inflammation and it occurs on the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. Because of it, your eyes can eventually become red, irritated and itchy. And when the small oil glands near the base of the eyelashes don't work properly, it can be possible too. And when it occurs, double vision and blurred vision may occur too, so it can be dangerous. For your situation, you can just try some warm compresses. For example, you can put a damp, warm washcloth on the infected eye. And then just repeat it. And it can be beneficial for your situation. By the way, you can just wear a pair of eye patch which can just protect your eyes from further infection.
  • Melanie smith


    Blepharitis can be classified as acute blepharitis, staphylococcal blepharitis, posterior blepharitis and parasitic blepharitis, among which acute blepharitis can go away on itself within two to four weeks, whereas the rest kinds of blepharitis are long standing inflammation with severity. The most important treatment of blephritis is to keep your lid margin hygiene. You can apply warm compresses over the eyelids three times a day, five to ten minutes per time. After the compresses, cleanse the eyelids with a cotton applicator stick with baby shampoo gently. You can also apply some antibiotic ophthalmic ointment over the infected part. In addition, during the treatment phase, do not wear eye makeup or contact lenses in case that they make the situation worse.