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Arianna walker


How long does it take to spread pink eye?

I heard that pink eyes is contagious. So, can you tell me how long does it take to spread it? And how can i prevent it?
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  • Allison


    Well, yes, as you have said that pink eye is contagious, so it will just spread it in about two days. Anyway, when it occurs to you, just be careful about it. And having some measures is also essential, for it will make you feel annoying and painful. First, you should know that pink eye, termed as conjunctivitis, is caused by inflammation of blood vessels. At this moment, you can try some ice which can be good. And you need to put some ice on your eyes and change it frequently. Also, cool teabags can be effective too. In common, if you go and see the eye doctor, he will just give some prescription eye drops.
  • big john


    The pink eyes are contagious which are usually infected to other people through the direct touch. After you get the touch with people with pink eyes, you will be infected and show the symptom of the pink eyes after 3 or 5 days of incubation. You should just keep the good hygiene habit in the public places and avoid the touch with people with pink eyes which could help you prevent the pink eyes.
  • Jade scott


    In most people's mind, pink eye is contagious. I was told so when I was just a little girl that only one eye contact with the people infected will spread the pink eye to me. Pink eye is the so called conjunctivitis in medical term, referring to the infection or inflammation of conjunctiva. According to different triggers, there are mainly three types of conjunctivitis, viral, bacterial and allergic conjunctivitis. If it is caused by allergic reaction, it is not contagious. Get out of touch with allergens can make the reaction go very soon. Yet if it is bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, then it is strongly contagious. Sharing the same towel or rubbing eyes with contaminated hands can easily cause infection. Some virus, for example herpes, is very strong, and it could cause infection by using the same toilet, and it tends to last for months even years. To avoid infection, you should pay more attention on hygiene habit. Don't share towel and cups with others. Never rub your eyes with hands, especially with hands you didn't wash. If you need to share the toilet with the infected person, then remember to sterilize it each time before you use it.

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