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Why does kareem abdul jabbar wear goggles?

I see kareem abdul jabbar wears goggles. I Just want to know why? Can goggles really protect his eyes?
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  • giles


    Kareem abdul jabbar is a retired NBA basketball. He started wearing his glasses or goggles because his cornea was scratched. And even he could have Lasik surgery, he still prefer to wear the classic spectacles, which is really in style and special, which can both improve his vision and protect hiss eyes from being hurt.
  • Jaime


    It is reasonable for Kareem Abdul Jabbar wears the goggles. Although it is popular for most people to wear the goggles for the good looks, still a lot of people wear the goggles for the good vision and other reasons. The good type of the goggles with no lenses could be the popular wearing for most young people now to improve their whole good looking. However, Kareem Abdul Jabbar just does this for the protection of the eyes. During the game for UCLA, his left cornea gets scratched which causes a lot of pain for him. He got the big hit by the Ted Henderson of Cal. What's worse, his cornea gets scratched again in the later games. That is why he wears the goggles to protect the eyes. At the same time, wearing the goggles will make him look cool which attract a lot of fans. Usually the goggles become the accessories now to make people look with character.
  • Alexa murphy


    Kareem Abdul Jabber wears goggles to protect himself for sure, it's dangerous for those professional basketball players who have near sightedness to play basketball so fiercely. They can't wear glasses, and the contact lenses may be dangerous to them. So they try to wear goggles with prescription. Because goggles are comfortable wearing.