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Alexandria giles


Does witch hazel help reduce eye swelling?

Can i use hazel to my swelling eyes? Does it work to reduce my hazel eyes?
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  • Anthony


    Well, yes, witch hazel is very good for your swelling eyes. Generally speaking, witch hazel can provide astringency which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Also, according to some experts, it can help the swelling eyes in an effective way. Also, it can just shrink veins and mucous membranes, protect skin, relieve irritation, and stop discharge, and weeping. So maybe you can just have a try. Also, to treat your swelling eyes, you also can try some warm compresses which can be effective too.
  • kathy


    Usually the constituents of the witch hazel extract contain gallic acid, catechins, saponins, bitters and so on. One of the essential ingredients in witch hazel has the magic power of astringent, which helps tighten and smooth the skin and reduce the bagginess and swelling. Therefore you get the right choice to reduce the swelling eyes. Besides witch hazel can also be used externally on sores and bruises and it does work to reduce your hazel eyes.
  • george


    Witch hazel can be helpful when your eyes get infection or inflammation. It's branch, leaves, and bark can cure bruise, swelling, and inflammation. It's always used in cosmetic because it contains a kind of antioxidant. You can take some witch hazel as herb then boil them, wash your eyes with the water after it cooled. Or you can massage your eyes with witch hazel essential oil every day.