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How to get sore eyes on purpose

Do you have any idea to lead to sore eyes on purpose? I don't want to go school and want "get" sore eyes. Any idea?
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  • John clark


    You must be joking. As we know, eyes are very important for us. They can help me understand and enjoy the world. Besides, eyes can make our life easier. Without it, we will fail in a dark world. So, we shall cherish our eyes and take good care of it. So, don't do any stupid things to hurt your eyes. In fact, eyes is an tender organ. We may get sore eyes from Conjunctivitis, allergies, and excessive eye strain. And eye soreness is really bad to eyes health. So, just forget it, and don't do any thing to get sore eyes.
  • Adriane


    God,you got be kidding me,you can make up a story.There is no need to get real sore eyes,my dear friend. However,I do have the methods for you to get it. Surf the internet for several hours without any break and food. Reading in the dim light for 2 hours can also be helpful. The fastest way is get punched by someone,but that's painful. By the way,what I said are all for fun,I do not want to help you to do the stupid thing.If you really don't want to go to school,you can simply say you are dizzy you want to relax.
  • evilrain


    Oh, I think you must have been very crazy over your school. Anyway, it would be absolutely insane to get your eyes sore on purpose in order to skip classes. But, if you insist, you could try to apply some eye makeups around your eyes so that you could be successful without hurting your eyes. Try not to do anything stupid, such as rubbing your eyes, crying or something.

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