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How can i tell if my child has pink eye?

I don't know how to tell whether my kid has pink eyes, or not. My child's eyes appear red and he feels painful. Is that pink eyes? What can i do for him?
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  • Austin gerard


    The main symptoms of pink eyes are red eyes and painful feeling. The pink eyes are always caused by the coming bacterium. As a young child, the immune system is not that strong. Thus, they easily get the pink eyes through the touch with the ones with pink eyes. You should better take your child to the hospital to have a check. If he or she gets the pink eyes, you will help your child accept the treatment.
  • Fat


    Nowadays, many people are easily catch a ailment called pink eye, especially the children. When your kid has the pink eye, there are many symptoms which can help you to know if your child has this ailment. The most obvious symptom is that you can see the presence of red or pink color in the kid's eyes. Pls note the red or pink color is not just being one small area, but the entire white region of the eye, because your children will always rude his eyes. Then, if your child's eyes have tears more often than usual, now you should pay more attention to it, but this symptom is not enough to suspect your kid has pink eye. At last, if your child has a discharge though of a fluid from it, especially when they are sleeping, then you should know this is common symptom of pink eye. This fluid quite often might have a yellow or green tint to it, so your child will complain that their eyes are sticky in the morning when they try to open it.
  • Lydia


    Your child's eyes appear red and he feels painful. And i think that is pink eyes if he also has so many eye secretions. You can give children eye drops one blot every two hours during the day. Commonly we use 0.25% chloramphenicol which is one kind of eye drops, and 0.5% kanamycin. Before go to bed, you can help them to coat the pink eye with erythromycin eye ointment. Children' eyes were stuck by gum so that they can not open their eyes, and you can deposit the eyes with cotton which is soaked the water, then gently wash the eye. What you need pay attention to is that you can not use the hot water because it will increase the temperatures inside conjunctiva bursa, which ease of bacterial growth and propagation.
  • Jacqueline hall


    From your telling I think your kid gets the Pink eye. The pink eye also called acute conjunctivitis. The symptoms of the pink eyes are eye secretions and conjunctival hyperemia. If your kid gets the infection, he may have the symptoms of tears, conjunctival edema, foreign body sensation, and other performances. Generally the first incidence is only for one eye, after 2-3 days, the other eye will get infection, after 4 -5 days, it get the worst situation. A week later, the disease will slowly be eased.