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Ryan evelyn


Can makeup cause eye allergies?

I have small eyes. i always make up my eyes with eyeliner and mascara. My friends told me that makeup can cause eye allergies. Is that true? Why?
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  • Kimberly quick


    Not really. But if you often makeup your eyes, you are in high risk of get eye allergies. You know, eyes are the most precious organs of our body. And when you use eyeliner and mascara, it is possible let eyeliner and mascara contact your eyes. If that happen, your eyes are likely get allergy or infections. So, you must be very careful when you use eyeliner and mascara. And you'd better buy some really good eyeliner and mascara for better makeup as well as your eye health.
  • taylor


    Eye makeup can make the dark eyes become the beaming eyes with radiant power. However, cosmetics can cause eyelid itching, as the eyelid skin is thin, tender, and rich in blood vessels. The eyes are so sensitive to the cosmetics so that it will cause varying degrees of allergic reactions. Hair coloring cream can also cause some swelling of the eyelids. The most important is that you need pay attention to living habits. Sodium cromoglycate and cortisone acetate are good eyedrops, and at the same time all kinds of calcium can also be used. Chinese traditional medicine can be chosen. In addition, you had better choose the cosmetics which the smell is weak, and no alcohol inside. Do not change the cosmetics frequently, if you want to use the new cosmetics, you should do skin test first.
  • Alexa joyce


    Yes. The makeup is usually contained a lot of alcohol and chemical substance which may stimulate your eyes. However, you should also see whether your eyes' surrounding parts are sensitive. Usually the sensitive skin is possible to get allergic. And you should take notice of your methods of using, not touching the eyes.

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