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How much does an eye exam cost at target optical?

Is there somebody have taken an eye exam at Target Optical? How much do they charge? I am thinking about to get exam there. How much should i prepare for an eye exam?
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  • Elvis Presley


    I heard that you maybe charged for $45 to $65 without insurance for an exam. And you can pay for the exam with a Target Red Card if you have. But i never get eye exam at Target. If you want to know more information or want an accurate answer, you can go their websites or call them phone number to find out, 1.877.798.2743. Hope this helps.
  • Jacqueline


    The price may vary from region to region. But generally speaking, the price of an eye exam will be much less in large retailers like Wal-mart, Costco and Target than in private stores or other stores. And usually the place is cleaner and can provide customers with a variety of glasses or contacts. And the service in these stores is also very good. Generally, the price of an eye exam in Wal-mart, Costco and Target optical can range from less than $50 (if you have an eye exam at a retail store or optical chain) to $100 or more (if you have an eye exam at a medical clinic or private eye doctor's office). And you'd better go to the target optical on week than on weekends for it can get a little hectic on the weekends. Good luck!
  • Erin


    There is no specific price list in the website page. You could call their phone at the sales department. Usually the eye exam in some famous and big stores will cost you about $50. If you still can't get the exact information about the price, you'd better prepare $100 which is absolutely in the price range.
  • Matthew harris


    I can't find the price on the internet. But I just got an eye exam at target optical last week. It cost me more than $100 because I don't have insurance. I ever asked the price in another store near my house. The guy would charge me $150. So even though I think $100 is a lot of money while compared with the price in other places, it is the least sum of money I need to pay. Later I heard that the price of an eye exam at target optical may vary from $29 to $229. So I think this may be the reason that why I can't find the price on the internet. if you want to have an eye exam at target optical, I strongly suggest you to make a call to know the exact price for en eye exam in that store.
  • walkingthedog


    I live in North Carolina. It cost me about $60 to get an eye exam at Target Optical last year. Usually the price will increase a little bit year after year. So I think now it may cost you more than $60 to get an eye exam. If you have insurance, it may save you money. But first you may need to ask them that which kind of insurance they will take. Usually we can get a discount for an eye exam or frames.
  • Jean Caster


    In general, eye exam cost around $50 in some retail stores and optical chains such as target. The average cost of eye exam for those without insurance is $114. It is cheaper when done in chains because they are also inadvertently making you buy their glasses and other products. The good news is that membership may not even be required. You must always remember that it will be helpful to ask for a copy of the prescription when you pay for your eye exam. If you happen to spot a chain that offers discounted eye exam deals for those without insurance, might as well grab it. Living Social offers this. Sometimes, their eye exam cost just $35. Some of these companies are really ideal for those who have no insurance. How much should you prepare for an eye exam, I think the best answer is the more the better on the safe side.
  • Admir Salcinovic


    Routine eye exam start at $70 according to this source below.
  • Kaley Lockington


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