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Thomas keith


What are the best way to clean plastic eyeglasses lenses?

My plastic eyeglasses lenses are easy to get dirty. What is the best way to clean it that won't damage the coating on the lenses? Your answer will be appreciated
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  • Richard Schneider


    To some extent, it is allowed to wipe the optical lenses but plastic lenses. Usually, I think the following methods are feasible and they can avoid the phenomenon of scratching the lenses. The first step: use clean water make the lenses wet until lenses are covered sweat. Step 2: Use fingers to squeeze a drop of liquid detergent and evenly touches on the lenses. Step 3: Let soft slow of water flush out on the lens detergent, at this time, you will find lenses are clean as new. However, you cannot use paper towel or mirror department to wipe. Accurate method is following. Step 4: Let the paper towel as at small tip and then absorb the water away. Finally, you have completed all the requirements.
  • Kate


    First and foremost, it's necessary to remove dust and loose material from lenses. You can run lenses under a stream of tepid water to achieve the goal. And placing a small drop of hand soap to each lens, you can wet the lenses and gently rub each lens to clean the surface. After that, the lenses can be cleaned to remove all soap under water. In the following, you pat and wipe your lenses dry by using a soft and microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Riley


    The best way to clean the plastic eyeglasses lenses is in the professional machine of washing eyeglasses at the glasses store. The workers at the eyeglasses store may help you do this for free if you buy eyeglasses from it. The machine will automatically help you clean the lenses, with no damage to the coating around the lenses.
  • walker03andrea


    There are several general steps for you to clean your oakley sunglasses. First of all, you should use the clean water to wash it. Secondly, in order not to scratch it, you may use your fingers to smooth it. Last of all, use the clean cloth to dry it. However, if you don't want to wash it by yourself, you can take it to the glasses store and let the professional workers do the washing for you.
  • Jada shelley


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