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How to make double eyelids without surgery?

I like double eyelids. Is there any way that i can get double eyelids except surgery? Please help me?
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  • Theresa M


    One of my friends tried eyes hide glue, and it works. However, you need to insist on using that for a long time, may be several years, take my friend for example, she does that since 2010, and she has been able to get rid of it by the sort of natural double eyelids. Here are more details, go to shopping more, and you can get into any cosmetics shop, then have this stuff. And the shop assistant would help you to try that on. Or you can learn makeup from some makeup girl, but this is just temporary remedy.
  • Hebbe


    People who are of small eyes can use double eyelid glue or tape to make double eyelids to let their eyes look bigger. First you need to prepare those things: 1. Double eyelid glue or tape 2. Bobby pin or "Y" tool 3. Cosmetics Then follow those tips to make double eyelids: 1. Wash your face well prior to applying double eyelid glue or tape, so you have a clean, non-oily surface to work with. 2. Apply the eyelid tape or glue just above your lash line Take care, because the cosmetic glue may burn eyes if it gets in them. 3. Gently push your upper eyelid toward the adhesive strip, using a "Y" tool pr the end of a bobby pin. 4. Apply cosmetics, such as eyeshadow, mascara and liner to the eye to enhance the look as desired. And before you go to bed in the night, you can wash off the adhesive with soap and warm water. That is a way that will give a double eyelids looking temporary, but there are some saying that some people who used double eyelid tape over a long period of time got permanent eyelids. This method may not work for everyone, but I think it's entirely possible.
  • walkingfetus


    If you want to make the double eyelids not through the surgery, you could use the false eyelid stick to make the symptom of double eyelids. Then you could do the eyes makeup to make it look more natural. If you want to look attractive and charming at the eyes, you could just wear the contact lenses to make the whole look at the eyes seem perfect.