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What are the advantages and disadvantages for transition lens?

I am deciding whether or not to get Transition lens, and I need opinion from experienced wearer to help me.
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  • Jason lester


    The advantage of transition lens is that you don't have to change your glasses for sunglasses frequently when you go inside and outside frequently. You can wear the same glasses all the time and you don't have to spend extra money to buy prescription sunglasses. However, they have disadvantages, too. transition glasses are more expensive than regular glasses. With prolonged use, the transition lens cannot change the color as dark as it does in the first few years.
  • Lauren


    The best benefits is that you don't need to switch between sunglasses and regular glasses when you go outdoors and indoors.It can block the harmful light and protect your eyes. The disadvantage is they are more expensive than the regular lenses.They may stop to change color after 2 years as the chemical material can get damaged.