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Do guys like girls with big eyes?

Today, most of girls try to make up their eyes that make their eyes look bigger. Do your eyes like girls with big eyes?
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  • griffin


    I do like girls with big eyes because big eyes make girls more lovely, clever, and attractive. However, most of the girls are not born with bug eyes, then thanks to make-up, their eyes can get bigger, but when they take off the make-up, big eyes disappear, that's horrible. In a word, I like those girls with natural big eyes, not by making up.
  • evelyn


    Yes, guys like the girls with big eyes which will make them look so attractive and charming. That is why a lot of girls tend to do the makeup at the eyes to make the eyes look bigger through the use of the eye liner and eye shadow. The big eyes are always regarded as the beautiful symbol. The girls could wear the colored contact lenses to get this effect.
  • csky4


    Ok, it seems that you just want to know whether big eyed girls could better attract a guy. So, from what I know, that depends on different people. Because as you can see there are different tastes that people have. But generally speaking, guys prefer those big eyed girls, especially those who got eyelash extensions. Anyway, you could try to make up your eyes and maybe get some contact lenses to improve your looks. Also try to care about your figure.