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Can i get lasik if i have diabetes?

i really want to have lasik to correct my vision but i have diabetes. Am I a good candidate for lasik surgery?
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  • Tyler


    Diabetes alone is not a limit for lasik eye surgery. But, usually, people with diabetes also company with other eye diseases such as dry eyes. Besides, diabetic may also changes retinopathy at the back of the eyes. If you have central diabetic retinopathy, your vision may be slightly impaired. So, you'd better get an eye checked and ask your surgeon that if you can take the surgery.
  • Jonah


    Maybe. You should consult your surgeon if you have diabetes. People with diabetes may have variable blood sugar levels, which can cause the prescription keep changing. While people should wait for their vision to be stable can they have lasik surgery. Otherwise, the surgery can't reach the good result and you may need another surgery. Hence you should have your diabetes controlled before you go to have lasik surgery.
  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    The impacts of diabetes on the eye are: first, it will affect the wound healing after the lasik. Second, it is easy to infect after the surgery. Third, diabetic patients are often complicated by diabetic retinopathy, it is easy to have retinal complications during surgery. But when the blood sugar is controlled, you can have the lasik. You should have a detailed examination before lasik, if you have retinal complications, you’d better have lasik after treatment of complications. The patient who has proliferative diabetic retinopathy can not accept the lasik.