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Gregory A Meetze


How to prevent eye floaters?

My mother has eye floaters and I have read that floaters can be genetic. Is there anyway for me to prevent eye floaters?
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  • Linda


    Keeping a healthy lifestyle will prevent eye floaters. In details, you shall avoid to take some risky sports because it is likely to cause eye injuries, that further lead floaters. Besides, there are some treatments that also associated with floaters. In details, acne removal treatments, fat loss treatments and mental health treatments In addition, not sleep face down is also a good way to help you prevent eye floaters.
  • Dylan duncan


    There are some tips that can help you prevent eye floaters. One thing you should pay attention to is the gesture of sleep. You shouldn't sleep with your face down. Because when you sleep with face down, your whole body will place pressure on your eyes, which may cause eye floaters over a long time. Another thing you should notice is that never rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes will facilitate the development of floaters.
  • Anna


    You should frequently have outdoor sports which are helpful for your eye health and visual fatigue mitigation, it can especially enhance the defense capability of retinal vascular lesions. You should also pay attention to reasonable using eyes, you’d better have a rest after reading or playing computer for a period of time. You should also eat some food which are good foe your eyes, such as food rich in vitamin B and wolfberry. Finally, you should note your eye health, and have regular eye exam.
  • Kevin


    Eye floaters means there are infinitesimal strands of fiber in the vitreous of the eye. Almost everyone who is at the age of 70 has eye floaters with harmless in one or both eyes. However, if there are too many floaters or are accompanied by flashing lights, it could cause a serious problem. Until now, there is no safe and effective medicine or treatment to eliminate or decrease floaters. Maybe it can be removed by laser successfully but it still stays at the clinical trial stage.