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Jade scott


Can children get eye floaters?

I have found eye floaters usually exist in middle age people. Can children also get eye floaters?
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  • Chelsea


    I am 11 and when I was 5 I would see eye floaters all the time and I see them now too so the answer is yes.


    It is not normal for children to get eye floaters which is a aging process due to the deterioration of the gel-like substance in their eye. While the liquid in the children's eyes should not have had time to deteriorate so extensively. However, children may experience a certain type of eye floaters on top of the retina. Once children experience eye floaters in their eyes, they should go to see a doctor to have their eyes checked.


    Eye healthy play an important role for people of all age include children. And floaters can appear at any age, but there is a rare risks for children to get floaters. a sudden increase of floaters indicate the possibility of an impending retinal tear or detachment in eyes. And some floaters will come and go and won't affect your eyes. But sometimes floaters will last for years.
  • Johnny W.


    Floaters are a disease that you can see some dark spots on your eyes, sometimes even when you close your eyes too. But if your eye exam did not find any vitreous lesions, it doesn't need treatment. Floaters in general, are caused by the vitreous cortical cells or the blood cells in the retina walking in retinal vessels. Do not worry about that. Sometimes the children who got floaters always had a strong prescription of glasses or had done eyes surgery. If you want avoid this, your children need enough vitamins at firsthand then they can eat some seafood, unrefined of grain, fish, which contain zinc, selenium, and mineral. In this way, children can alleviate eye fatigue and avoid vision loss.