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Justin fergus


How to make homemade cleaner for eyeglasses?

How to make homemade cleaner for eyeglasses? What material do I need?
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  • adams


    If you wear eyeglasses, it is very important to clean your eyeglasses everyday to keep them clean and bright. In fact, to keep eyeglasses clean is very easy. Just clean your eyeglasses with trap water or warm eater with a pieces of soft clothe, as well as a worn out toothbrush ( the toothbrush is use to clean nose pads and glasses frames). I wash my glasses everyday. Now, my current eyeglasses have worn 2 years and still look bright like new one.
  • Angelica giles


    The easiest way to make homemade cleaner is using warm water and liquid dish washing detergent . Put some warm water in a basin and put several drops of liquid dish washing detergent to the warm water. Then swirl it gently to make them soapy. Then you can soak your glasses in the soapy water to clean them. This is the common way to clean eyeglasses, which is simple and easy to make. I often clean my glasses with soapy water and it does work well.