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Do prada sunglasses have serial numbers?

Do prada sunglasses have serial numbers? How can i know if my Prada sunglasses are real?
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  • walkdawalk23


    Well, yes of course, as one of the most luxurious fashion products maker. Prada has been pretty successful in the fashion industry, for their amazing design, concepts, as well as their nice service awareness. They always try to tackle fake products out of the market, hence they have introduced serial numbers to help customers identify real products from the fakes. You may check the quality of the product, then check the serial number by caling their customer service.
  • Christian george


    Yes, the Prada sunglasses have the serial No. When you are buying the Prada sunglasses at the official shop, the experts will tell you the serial numbers and model numbers associated with all of its merchandise, so that you can verify the authenticity. If you want to tell whether the Prada sunglasses are real or not, I think the first and easiest way for you to ask help for the authorized retailer, such as the Saks or Neiman Marcus, they can tell you your wanted result. Besides, you can read the authenticity card with your sunglasses. If you bought the genuine Prada sunglasses, you will get the model number from the plastic card; at the same time, there will be a black paper card listing the same information as the plastic one, in addition to a serial number with a bar code. Hope you will buy or have bought the authentic Prada sunglasses.
  • Richard Schneider


    Prada makes high-quality and expensive merchandise. In order to spot these sunglasses, the manufacture list serial numbers and model numbers on each pie of Prada sunglasses, then you can verify the authenticity,p.s. in every Prada shops. There are several ways which can help you sopt them. The ways are as follows: First, locate the Prada authenticity cards have Prada's name engraved on them which cannot be printed, even second-hand Prada sunglasses have such cards; second, read your authenticity cards to determine if a model number was listed on back. Third, check the model number in an authorized retailer, like Saks or Neiman Marcus, then you can get exact information about your Parda sunglasses.