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Bridget C


Can heart problems cause puffy eyes?

My eyes appear puffy. I have heart problem. Are the puffy eyes caused heart problems?
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  • Brooke peters


    Yes, the puffy eyes may be caused by the heart problems. Once you get the heart problems, you will have the bad sleep which may affect the good blood circulation. The eyes will become puffy. You could eat more food with vitamin C and A to moisture the eyes. In addition, you should not smoke and drink which will make the puffy eyes get serious.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    There are many reasons for eyes puffiness. Heart disease is one of these causes too. Usually puffiness of eyes is related to poor sleeping, less fat and elastic of skin due to aging and body fluidness. If related to some disease, normally it is related to kidney, liver and heart problems. If the puffiness is only apparent in the morning when you just get up, then relax, you are just witnessing how we sleep. Most of us have puffy eyes in the morning. If it is only a one day symptoms, you might drink too much water last night, yet if the puffy eyes that don't get less as the days go on could be the sign that you body is fluid, which could be a symptom of serious kidney, heart or liver disease. A bad reaction to a new medication can also cause puffy eyes. I suggest that you'd better have a detailed check especially if you also prone to puffy hands or ankles. Hope you could get well soon.
  • Eliza


    Maybe, it is possible to get puffy eyes because of some heart problems. Puffy eyes are a common symptom that affects both men and women. Usually, puffy eyes are not only cosmetic concern, but also a hot study item for medical evaluation. The most potentially and serious life-threatening conditions can cause eye swelling and bags, such as nephrotic syndrome, high blood pressure, and some autoimmune disorders. So if you get puffy problems, you can have a consultant to a doctor and take some note from him/her.