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How to make eyes my feel fresh?

Is there anyway that can make my eyes feel fresh? I feel my eyes tired in the morning. Please help.
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  • walkyr


    Well, from your description, you may be very tired. There are many ways you can have a try to make your eyes look fresh. For example, you can just keep a teaspoon in the fridge, and then when you wake up next morning, you can press it lightly on your eyes, in that way, it can reduce any redness or swelling. Also, you can just use a gentle exfoliant to get rid of any dead skin cells and then 5-10 minutes massaging a face cream into your skin in circular motions will be effective. This is a simple way you can have a try. of course, you also can try it by using some makeup. For example, you can get creamy white eyeliner and line your waterline with it, so that it really makes your eyes look bigger.besides,you should know that having a good rest is also important, and porridge, fresh fruit, eggs are all healthy and a good start to your morning.
  • Mackenzie


    You must didn't get a good sleep. If you need get up, you can give yourself a cup of coffee or tea to help fresh yourself. Besides, you can also use cold water to stimulate yourself. What's more, you can also use some eye drops to help you. You can eye drops from walgreens to fresh your eyes. Hope this can help you.
  • Victor


    There are many reasons causing your eyes tired. Do you sleep enough? People who often stay up late will feel their eyes tired. You'd better spend less time watching TV or playing computers. Of course, do some eye exercises. Drink water which is important for us.Eat food that contains vitamin A and vitamin B2, for example,carrots or potatoes.Do not casually use any eye drops before you ask your doctors.