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Makayla raphael


Why does pitbull wear sunglasses all the time ?

I noticed that pitbull often wears sunglasses. I just can't understand why? What benefits can he get from sunglasses?
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  • Vanessa george


    Most of celebrities like sunglasses very much, because that can truly be different from the others. But that's not the main reason. For Pitbull, the famous singer, he has lots of parties and concerts to participate in. He need to fly form one city to the other, the heavy work make him pretty tired, sleepy eyes are inevitable, so sunglasses can cover their sleepy eyes then present their energy at the same time. By the way, sunglasses can be the necessity to everyone who chases fashion.
  • Kyle owen


    I also noticed that pitbull often wears the sunglasses. He may be just for the cool looks. In order to be fashionable at the whole look, the sunglasses become the necessary part. At the same time, the sunglasses could help their eyes protect from the radiation under the strong sunshine. They will not only look good but also protect the eyes.
  • Chris L.


    Well, from what you said, I can see that you like pitbull very much, and it is true that he is presently one of the most famous singers in America. Since he is a celebrity and wants to get some special stage effects, he always tries to wear sunglasses, especially aviator sunglasses, in that way, he becomes cool and mysterious. You could get a pair of those at any optical store. Because those sunglasses are widespread and very popular.