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Otis Crockett


Do we get tired more quickly if we blink less when we are reading ?

I heard that if we blink less when we are reading, our eyes get tired more quickly. Is that true?
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  • Allen


    Yes, our eyes will get tired more quickly if we blink less when we are reading. And this message will be transited to our brain by nerve cells. So we will feel tired and won't want to read any more.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    Yes, we will feel tired if we blink less. We suffer from eye fatigue and dry eyes after reading for a long time. We desperately need some relax at this time. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes and blink your eyes intently for a few times from time to time during your reading. If you are in front of a computer, I strongly suggest you to wear a pair of computer glasses because computer glasses can help block harmful computer reflections and filter glare from the computer screen. They can help protect our eyes. Hope this helped!
  • Carlos quick


    I don't know. Maybe you will feel tired more quickly if you blink less. But there are other factors that might interfere with our reading and cause eye fatigue. If you suffer from some vision problems, you may suffer from eye fatigue more easily if you don't use prescription glasses to help correct your vision problems.
  • Rebecca


    People normally blink about 12 to 15 times per minute. This naturally refreshes the eyes. When you are tired, the blink rate slows down and the eyes are not properly lubricated, causing irritation. Studies suggest that computer users blink much less frequently, about four or five blinks per minute. The less you blink, the more productive you may be, but this can take a toll on your eyes.
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