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Do you depend on your glasses when you wake up in the morning?

I can't see things clearly without my glasses. And I need them as soon as I wake up in the morning. Do you depend deeply on your glasses or can get past without them? I heard that lasik eye surgery can help with vision problems. But I know a little about it. Any good suggestions?
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  • Isabel


    I also need to wear my glasses in the morning. I have strong degrees in both of my eyes. So I can't see things clearly without a pair of prescription glasses. I think it is common. Many people with strong degrees can't see things clearly. In order to avoid knock over some objects, we can put on our glasses after we wake up.
  • Dip


    I am not totally blind. I can manage a lot of things in the morning without glasses. I can make cereal, toast and coffee for myself. But I can't read newspapers without glasses. I don't want to have lasik eye surgery because I think it is too expensive. Besides, you must be a good candidate for lasik eye surgery than you can achieve good result in the end. So I suggest you to consult your doctor of optometry. Good luck!
  • chained_destiny


    I don't need glasses when I am at home. I can go straight to the bathroom and put on my contacts. But if I was in somewhere else, I will buy a pair of glasses with me. I need them rightly after I wake up because I also don't want to knock over something after I leave my bed. I am planning to have lasik eye surgery too. But now I am pregnant. Pregnant women can't have lasik eye surgery because the hormones in our body are unstable so our eyesight is also unstable.
  • Matthew baker


    From what you say, I know that you really have very bad eyesight. Lasik eye surgery can help cure many vision problems. But before applying for that, you'd better know some requirement and the possible side effects of this surgery. You can consult your eye doctor immediately. he or she will explain to you in details. Good luck!

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