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Matthew harris


How to make my eyes have that smokey look?

I want to make a smokey look on my eyes. Can you tell me how? Thanks
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  • Alexia


    In order to let you have the smoky look on the eyes, you could use the eye shadows and eye liners to make up the eyes. You will look so attractive and charming at the eyes. At the same time, your eyes will look bigger. You will look so good and beautiful at the whole look.
  • walkyr


    Smokey eye look is very popular style and commonly used. If you want to make smokey eye look, you shall remember that proper blending is the key important to make a perfect smokey eyes look. You must make sure the colors are blended together flawlessly. Usually, You should first use eyeliner pencil to draw eyeliner as a start. Then, people apply blended dark color, but you shall keep dark color below the crease. Then, using some light bases color based on darker hue. Hope this can help. Good luck.
  • Sig


    Well, sounds like you are going to make up yourself in a special way right? Anyway, it would not be hard for you to have such effect. For currently, there are some Smoky Eyes mascara, which would make you look that way. From what I know, you could also try to wear some black contact lenses, but anyway, such cosmetics are not very healthy to your eye health. So just try to wear less of them and pay attention to your eye health.

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