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Marissa george


Does drinking eye drops make you throw up?

Is it possible to cause throw up because of drinking eye drops? Can anyone explain it to me?
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  • Daniel christian


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the throw up because of drinking eye drops. As we know, the eye drops contain the anti-inflammation role to make your eyes keep moisture and get rid of your bacterium in the eyes. Your intestinal tract will have the reaction of such type of thing and cause the throw up. You'd better drink some water to clean the stomach.
  • Riley eddy


    Well, yes, it is possible to have throwing up because of drinking eye drops. Generally speaking, eye drops can be used to treat some eye diseases, and they are applied in your eyes directly. But on the other hand, if your drink them, there will have some side effects, because of the ingredients which are contained in the eye drops. For example, you may suffer throwing up. And vomiting can occur too. so just be careful about them.
  • Faith


    Yes, it is possible to feel nausea because of drinking eye drops. I don't know you drink it, which seems so weird. But when instill eye drops, it is possible and common to get the eye drops drain from eyes into nasal and finally into throat. As we know, most part of eye drops is saline water. To achieve different purpose, it will contain different medication, for example, steroid, antihistamines, erythromycine and so on. Usually moisturizing eye drops contains no other medication but just saline solution. However, no matter what kind of medication it contains or not, most eye drops are used to reduce the infections or inflammations or increase the lubrications, it is far less harmful than any other oral medicine. Usually these eye drops might cause a stinging in eyes, but it won't last for long. Other side effects from different medication might include soar throat, allergy, itching, swelling, fever, rash or even difficulty breathing. If you threw up the eye drops you just drank, it should be OK. But if any symptoms persist or get worse, you need to see your doctor at once. In a word, before you take any medicine, you should let your doctor know your medical history in case any serious problem caused. If you want to avoid eye drops travelling down to throat, you can't do a little tender massage at the cornner of your eyes, next to your nose bridge, for a few minutes. It could effectively help prevent the eye drops draining down.

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