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Andrew Rabinowitz


Does eye makeup age you ?

Is eye makeup bad for us? Does daily eye makeup age us?
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  • walkinawayfromu


    Yeah, I think there is no exact answer for your question because the result of makeup will depend on the effect you want to get through makeup. Just like me, I am a girl who love making up, also when I want to to make me look younger, I can use some bright color for the eye shadow, such as the pink or the yellow. At the same time, when I will join in some special occasion where I will dress formally, then I will make me look older through the eye makeup, because you know it is you who control the result when you are doing something. Namely, no matter what kind of result you want, you can get what you want. As a matter of the fact, if you want to lean to make up, just go ahead and you can get what you want. Hope my advice can help you and good luck.
  • April


    Yes, the eye makeup will age your skin around the eyes because of the friction in washing and using process. Whatever the eye liner or the eye shadow will contain the materials that can stimulate your skin a little. When you wash it with the cosmetic products, the eyes skin which is so sensitive and weak will get the friction. Thus, you'd better not often do the makeup on the eyes which will also stimulate your eyes.
  • Christian george


    Ok, it seems that you would like to make up yourself on a regular basis, which could make you appear more awesome and attractive. However, there are inevitably some consequences, because the makeups are quite irritated sometimes, some of them contain some chemicals , some would be allergic to your skin, and you will be asked to thoroughly wash them off before sleep. Anyway, if you rely on them too much, you indeed age faster. So, just try to use less and pay more attention to exercise and your diet.

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