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Can teething cause watery eyes ?

My eyes are full of tears because of teething. Can teething cause watery eyes? Or what cause my watery eyes?
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  • walki


    Well, I can see that your problem is not very good. So, as a matter of fact, sometimes teething could really give rise to some symptoms around your face and your eyes, causing some swelling face or swelling eyes, watery eyes, as well as painful eyes. Because these parts are interconnected which could affect one another. Or it is because the painful feelings made you cry. If the problems remains bad, you could see a doctor.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    Yes, teething can cause watery eyes because of the infection of the eyes from teething. As we know, the teeth nerves and eye nerves are interlinked. You could also get eye problems because of teeth problems. You could use some anti-inflammation medicine to let the watery eyes get release. In addition, you'd better use some eye drops to get the eyes feel comfortable which could also kill the bacterium in the eyes.
  • Ana


    Well, yes, teething can lead to watery eyes. First, you should know that the nerves in your face are all connected and pain can result in other parts of your face reacting to it. So when you suffer teething, it is possible to have watery eyes. Of course, according to some researches, your watery eyes can be a sign of dryness too. As we know that tears are for lubrication and for keeping your eyes clean. And if your tear glands are disordered, it may develop dry eye syndrome, leading to watery eyes. for your situation, just go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.

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