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Mackenzie rose


Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean contact lenses?

Is it OK if i use hydrogen peroxide to clean my contact lenses. Will it hurt my contact lenses?
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  • Jocelyn


    Well, it seems that you want to use hydrogen peroxide as a means of contacts solution. So, as a matter of fact, it is true that hydrogen peroxide could eliminate bacteria in a lot of situations. However, you should not rely on it to take care of your contacts, because there might be some negative consequences. Long term use of it might lead to some unknown problems,even some infections. Just try to buy a case of solution.
  • california_lovv


    It is not ok to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your contact lenses which may hurt the surface of the contact lenses. You should use the solution which uses the special material to get rid of the protein material on the surface of the contact lenses. You'd better use the solution to clean the contact lenses. That is the most safe and effective way.
  • walkercounty


    The answer is absolutely no. Although, hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant, and it's actually have ability to disinfect as well as sterilize. Nevertheless, have you ever imagined while it was disinfecting for your contact lenses, it might also hurt your frail eyes. Especial for color contact lenses. Because the hydrogen peroxide probably give rise to discoloration. After this, as you use your contact lenses once more, your eyes will obviously be infected with the pigment remains and even lead to a modification with your retina. Therefore, you'd better clean your contact lenses with professional cleanout fluid aimed at contact lenses in consideration for your eyes. Thanks for consulting.