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Is eyebright good for glaucoma?

I heard that eyebright is good for eyes. I wonder if it works for people with glaucoma?
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  • Bernice


    Well, yes, eyebright is good for glaucoma. As we know that glaucoma can lead to blindness. Eye pain, haloes seen around lights, headaches, nausea, dilated pupils, redness in the eyes and partial or complete vision loss may occur because of glaucoma. To treat it, you can take daily supplements of eyebright, for eyebright can increase eyesight while combating cataracts and glaucoma. Besides, you should also eliminate stimulants from your diet that can aggravate glaucoma, such as caffeine, tobacco. As we know that caffeine in particular is extremely harmful for those who have glaucoma problem. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.
  • Ethan


    Well, i can see that your problem is quite serious, so it is true that patients with glaucoma need to pay more attention to their eye health. And as a matter of fact, eyebright has proved to be quite effective in treating eye problems, but you should know that its effects are limited, which means that the patient still need a lot of professional treatment in the hospital. But it is useful when you use some eyebright tea to wash your eyes.