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Is staring at a light bad for my eyes?

My eyes feel hurt when i stare at a light. Is it bad for my eyes? What are the side effects?
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  • Ana


    Staring at a common lamp would not cause long-term sidel effect to eye, after staring at the light, you will find that you see things with the black hole in your vision focus, and it will disappear after several minutes. But staring at extremely strong light or sunlight can burn your retina and cause severe damage to eyes, even blindness.
  • Robert Lipman


    According to the saying, we had better not make our eyes stare at the light directly. However, in fact, it will depend on the source and intensity of the light. That is to say, if you stare at the lamp, it will produce no long-term ill effect except the eye strain. When you make your eyes have a rest, the strain will go away immediately. Of course, if you stare at some other lights those are not strong; your eyes will not get hurt. On the other hand, if you make your eyes stare at the strong light, such as staring at the sun, then your retina of your eyes will get hurt. If you make the pose for long time, there are more possibilities that your eyes are getting nearsighted or your nearsighted will get worse. What’s worse, if you often make your eyes stare at the sun, at last your eyes will mat get blind. You should notice.
  • Alexandria taylor


    Yes, it is bad for your eyes. When you stare at the light, the light resource is so near at your eyeballs. You may feel so stimulated at the visual nerves which could cause your eyes' tiredness. You should not do this often. Or else, your visual nerves will be weak. You may get short sighted and have weak visual sight. The principle of staring at the light is just as same as staring at the computer screen.