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Why do i get nausea after glaucoma surgery?

After glaucoma surgery, i feel nausea. Is this normal? Why or why not?
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  • Alexia gerard


    There are some lasting impacts on your eyes after taking the surgery, sometimes the nausea is resulted from nerve stimulation because of uncontrolled eye pressure, or the drug you take which spurred your stomach. It is quite normal so you need to positively receive further treatment from the hospital. Just try to protect your eyes as much as possible.
  • Falcon


    It is not normal for you to have nausea because of the glaucoma surgery. The nausea is due to brain in the environment caused by the wrong message received. The doctor pointed out that in order to make the body in balance the sense organs continuously collect outside information. The inner ear is just like the computer general. In addition, the inner ear will organize the message and then transfer to the brain to keep the balance system. It is found that the information received by the inner ear and receives from the eye have access exist the difference and then will cause the nausea. That is to say, your glaucoma surgery makes the normal eye nerves work in disorder and then cause the nausea. You'd better go to see the doctor and take the medical treatment to cure it. Or else, the nausea will cause a lot of problems in your life.

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